Dutch courses

Dutch courses

Do you want to understand the language of the country where you live, boost your CV and your social life? The Centre Français-Néerlandais offers weekly Dutch lessons. Our teachers offer lessons in small groups. Our courses take place in the Walloon Church in Amsterdam, a historic site in the heart of Amsterdam. We also offer online courses, depending on your needs.

We offer:

- General Dutch course: you will work on all aspects of Dutch culture and language (grammar, reading, writing, understanding and speaking). Our teachers will help you to better understand Dutch and Dutch people, and to better express yourself.
- Tailor-made courses: adapted to specific needs. These courses can take place on our premises, but also at a location of your choice or at your company. If you are interested in this offer, please contact us directly by email: centre@dewaalsekerk.nl or by telephone: +3120-6232074

Not sure what your level is? Take our free online test here.

Ci dessous, retrouvez notre offre de cours généraux de Néerlandais. 

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