Free Dutch language test

Our students always receive a free personal language test to determine their level and clarify their goals. This can be taken by appointment prior to registration for a course. Of course, students who have already taken one or more courses can register for a (continued) course without a test. Contact us to request a language test.


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Free online language test

Curious about how well you master your Dutch grammar? You can already estimate your current level of Dutch via our online language test. Click on the level of your choice to start the test:


Beginner (A1-A2)

Advanced (B1-B2)

Expert (C1-C2)


Attention, this is just a diagnostic test to estimate your grammar skills. No rights can be derived from this test. For a complete assessment of your written and verbal skills, you can make an appointment for a language test with one of our teachers, free of charge and without obligation. Contact us for more information.


About the test

The test consists of 24 multiple-choice questions. For each question, choose the best answer. When you have completed all the questions, submit the form to see how many questions you have answered correctly and where you have made mistakes. Compare your score with the chart below to check your grammar level. The chart is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.



0-14 points:  A1 - Beginner
15-20 points: A2 - Basic skills
21-24 points: B1 - You already master the basics quite well, maybe you could try the advanced language test.



0-9 points: This level seems a bit too ambitious. Try our language test for beginners.
10-14 points: B1 - Independent user.
15-20 points: B2 - Self-reliant.
21-24 points: Try our expert language test



0-9 points: This level seems a bit too ambitious. Try our advanced language test.
10-20 points: C1 - Effective operational user.
21-24 points: C2 - Complete grammar control.