Learn to speak Dutch in the heart of Amsterdam

Do you want to understand the language of the country you live in and boost your resumé and social life? Centre Français-Néerlandais offers weekly Dutch courses on different levels, specifically adapted to francophones. You are, of course, still welcome in case you are not francophone but please take note that the lessons will be in Dutch with, in case needed, some explanations in French.

The courses of Centre Français-Néerlandais

All of ur teachers are Dutch natives who have mastered French and perfectly know the needs and difficulties specific to foreign inhabitants. They will help you to get the self-confidence you need to be able to communicate in Dutch. All of our lessons are in Dutch and also suitable for non-French speakers.

Our classes take place in the Walloon Church, a historic site in the heart of Amsterdam, where French and Dutch people have met already for almost 450 years.


Our course offers

We offer two types of Dutch courses:

  • General Dutch course

During our general Dutch course, you will work on all aspects of the Dutch language (grammar, reading, writing, listening and speaking). Our teachers will help you to understand the language and the culture better and will help you to express yourself. Language methods, scenarios, news, practical cases,... our teachers adapt to the needs of each group and provide personalized support in your language learning.

  • Tailor-made course

We also offer Dutch courses tailored to your specific needs. These courses can take place in our building, but also in another place or in your company. If you are interested in a tailor-made course, you can contact us directly by email or by phone



If you would like to enroll for one of the courses, please register by filling in this form. We will contact you within the shortest possible delay to make an appointment to test your level for free and finalize your enrollment.

If you have already taken one of our weekly courses, or if you are sure of your level, you can also register directly by clicking on the course link in the schedule below. You will be directed by a payment page. 

For any questions regarding the content our courses, your Dutch level, a prefered method of payment or anything else, don't hesitate to contact us by email or by phone


Schedule 1st semester 2021-2022

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Level Day & time Duration Price


Tue 19h-21h 12 weeks
from 21-09-21 to 14-12-21

A1.2 | online

Wed 19h-21h 12 weeks
from 22-09-21 to 15-12-21

A1.3 | online

Mon. 19h-21h 12 weeks
from 20-09-21 to 13-12-21


Thu. 19h-21h 12 weeks
from 23-09-21 to 16-12-21


Wed. 19h-21h 12 weeks
from 22-09-21 to 15-12-21


Mon. 19h-21h 12 weeks
from 20-09-21 to 13-12-21



During the school holidays of 'Region North' and on national holidays there are no lessons. These lessons are moved one week forward. In the coming semester these will be:  

- Summer holidays : July 10th to August 21st
- Autumn holidays : October 18th to 17th
- Christmas holidays : December 25th to January 9th '22



Centre Français-Néerlandais
De Waalse Kerk
Walenpleintje 157-159
1012 JZ Amsterdam

tel: 020-6232074

email: centre@dewaalsekerk.nl


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