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Circle Of Live "In Dreams" - Sleeping Concert
Circle Of Live "In Dreams" - Sleeping Concert

Circle Of Live presents a new chapter in the evolution of the project: “In Dreams” sleeping concert series. The intention behind these all-night, improvised, live ambient performances is to explore the full range of mind states occurring between sleep and consciousness, in the context of a shared collective experience.

Taking place in the 15th century De Waalse Kerk, Johanna Knutsson and Sebastian Mullaert will guide the audience through their dreams for 8 hours during regular sleeping times. De Waalse Kerk will be transformed into the ADE Zen Space for the week, and the concert will be staged within a lightscape installation and on a stage designed by Studio Koen Steger. The event will conclude with a breakfast at 7am and provide a chance for everyone to reflect on and exchange stories from their experiences during a night of mutual dreaming.

By the means of live improvisation, Johanna and Sebastian will try to use the misty borderland between sleep and consciousness to their advantage, through sparse expansive ambient soundscapes.

Important information:
– You are expected 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the concert.
– No entry will be allowed past the 11pm starting point.
– Bring your own sleeping arrangements.
– Due to the limited space electrical inflatable beds or mattresses are not allowed.
– Fruit and water will be available during the night. You’re allowed to bring refreshments.
– Alcoholic beverages NOT allowed.
– Breakfast is included in the ticket price. There are vegetarian / vegan options.
– Mutual respect and consideration are key words. There will be a host available at all times, at your service.
– They reserve the right to exclude anyone not observing these requirements.

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